Since 1997, Nargis has published scholarly articles in a number of publications.  The following provides additional information about these articles as well as publications in which they were published.

1997-present: writes from New York City and Berlin for NMG/Art Review

1997-1998: Persona Magazine

2005-2009: writes for STYLE Magazine/Sparkle 

Publication: NMG –Novaya MusikalnayaGazeta, Music News/Art Review

NMG –Novaya MusikalnayaGazeta, Music News/Art Review is a bi-monthly review of developments and events in the field of art-including painting and sculpture, music, dance and cinematography.  It has been published since March 1996 and is read by artists, academics and art enthusiasts.  It is distributed internationally in the many Russian-speaking countries of the Confederation of Independent States (CIS) and has a circulation of approximately 100,000.  Besides individual subscriptions, NMG; Art Review is distributed to art schools, art and music institutions, conservatories, libraries, professional art associations and artists unions, as well as Art Galleries throughout the CIS and is considered one of the main informational sources about art events and culture in Kazakhstan and internationally.

Publication: Persona Magazine, VIP Club

Persona Magazine, VIP Club is a bi-monthly magazine covering national and international events in the entertainment industry, journalism, fashion, art, culture and sports.  Persona Magazine regularly published interviews with well-known personalities from Kazakhstan and around the world.  It was published since 1996 and was read by cinematographers, artists, architects and the general public.  It was distributed internationally in the many Russian-speaking countries of the Confederation of Independent States (CIS) and had a circulation of 500,000.

Publication: STYLE Magazine Kazakhstan/Sparkle

circulation of 5000


“Art Market during Global Financial Crisis”, analytical article for STYLE Magazine, April 2009, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Interview with Boris Brocksteadt”, owner of Brockstedt Gallery in Berlin”, STYLE Magazine, November 2006, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Interview with Volker Diehl at Gallery Volker-Diehl, Berlin-Mitte”, from Berlin, Style Magazine #1-2 (11) 2006, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“For Artists, Collectors and Lovers of Fine Art-the Opening of the Season, reportage from Art Forum Berlin 2005, STYLE Magazine #1-2 (11) 2006, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Art Collecting-Practical Tips for the Aspiring International Collectors”, STYLE Magazine, August 2005, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Musical Fenix”, Sergei Prokofiev in Metropolitan Opera New York, NMG/Art Review, March 2002, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Life in Dance”, review of Merce Cunningham performance in New York Lincoln Center, NMG/Art Review, September 1999, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Art Treasures, Henry Moore”, from New York, NMG/Art Review, June 1999, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Arturo Di Modica”, interview from his studio in New York City, Persona Magazine, VIP Club, April 1999, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Let the Passion Be! – From Metropolitan Opera”, New York, NMG/Art Review, September-October 1997, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“From The Metropolitan Opera, Russian Season”, New York, NMG/Art Review, September-October 1997, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“From the Museum of Modern Art, Works by Paul Klee”, New York, NMG/Art Review, May 1997, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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