“Art talks…”

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In June, I had a great opportunity to take my daughter’s class to a contemporary art gallery. For our gallery visit I chose an exhibition called “Transit” by Christoph Steinmeyer.
My idea was to offer an additional art program to already existing art classes in our school, which would involve visits to art institutions, galleries, artists’ studios and to involve children in a dialogue about art. I wanted to show them Berlin’s art scene in order for them to know more about the great city we live in.
I asked myself about what would be the most important piece of information for a kid. And how best to present it to a class of 21 completely different 8-year old children.
I decided to meet with the children first and find out what they already know and think about art. My expectations were greatly exceded in all respects. The children themselves installed a bridge of communication between us and showed enthusiasm and interest. We spoke for an hour in a free and easy atmosphere. Their curiosity erased all of my concerns and made it easy for me to develop a conversation that prepared them to see an art exhibition. It made me also recall the famous words of Picasso:”Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

I also believe that every child is intuitively capable of understanding an abstract language of shapes and colours and that these kind of intuitive connections should be encouraged.

The class’ enthusiasm and interest during our one-hour chat in the class room and during the following hour in the gallery, where children spoke to the gallery owner about the show, showed me that this kind of program is necessary. The idea is simple – to give children access to selected, child-friendly art shows and let them develop their own views, likes and dislikes and most importantly to offer a platform for a dialog between children and artists, art gallerists, curators and collectors and art historians. There are no wrongs and rights in expressing your opinion – it is only a first step to developing your own perception of the world around us.
Why “Art talks…”? I believe that art is one of many important ways to learn about ourselves and the world around us. It is an important tool for a person to reflect on things and to evaluate them.

“Art talks…” create a platform for children where they can see, analyse and think about art relying on their own intuitive reflections on artworks. While concentrating on art and gradually viewing it in an art historical context as well as in the context of the art industry and the city of Berlin.
The purpose of the “Art talks…” is to inspire children to question, to think, to critique, to push ideas further, to consider their own interpretations, to desire to discover – as that will help them to gain confidence that one day their ideas and inventions will become part of larger endeavors that positively impact humanity.
“Art talks…”, in June 2015, conversations with children about art, followed by a visit to a Contemporary Art Gallery, DIEHL CUBE (http://diehl-cube.com/transit/) and a conversation with the owner of the gallery, Mr. Volker Diehl, about art, art gallery, and the artworks presented at the exhibition “Transit”, by Christoph Steinmeyer.
DIEHL CUBE is 24/7, a 7 x 7 x 7 vitrine and laboratory of alchemical presences, containing messages, statements and context-based topics of immediate art.

“Art talks…” to be continued…

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