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Opening Reception: October 17, 2014, 6 – 9 pm.

“The Path of Arabesque”  by NARGIS RAKHMANOVA

at ART-SAMAL Gallery, Snegina str. 97b, corner Dostyk Ave, office 6, Samal Delux, Almaty 50051, Kazakhstan, t +7 (727) 2641444

 The exhibition is on view: October 17- November 7, 2014

Hacking Arabesque

“The Path of Arabesque” is the first exhibition in a new series by Almaty-born, Berlin-based artist, Nargis Rakhmanova-Dressler, who has been living and working in Almaty, New York City and Berlin. It spans the recent years of Nargis’ career, including works in mixed media, painting, embroidery on canvas and photography.  To have multi-directional works present under one roof is perfectly indicative, not only of Nargis’ experimental approach to various media, but also of her work’s evolution in theory and perception. From a painting-based practice to a more conceptual interpretation of space and objects, “The Path of Arabesque” reflects a philosophical approach to questioning the source of geometrical structures and generating a debate about the meaning of their geometry.

The artist breaks down the geometrical structure into two: light, that pushes out the space creating lines – embroidered in gold; and space itself. To explore space the artist fills it with white color giving it a vivid presence and importance. Thinking of light as an independent building block, which separates space and creates shapes, Nargis explores it in her photos, showing the multi-dimensional and solitary character of light. Her camera helps to reveal dimensions, movements and unpredictable trajectories of light invisible to the human eye.

According to Nargis, entering the world of Arabesque is like entering the miraculous worlds of nature’s own matrix.  One cannot help to see the harmony between the lines and the space as well as their endless combinations.  Drawing on modern physics and thinking of the Arabesque as the work of energy – one comes to the conclusion that the lines communicate with the space, creating a set of geometrical order for each one of them, where the space and the lines are equal entities.

The Arabesque structures create geometrical order and where there is geometry, there is mathematical language, or information. “I believe that every Arabesque pattern contains mathematics that we are yet to understand,” – says the artist.

The artist wishes to dedicate this exhibition to the memory of her nephew Elnur Rakhmanov.


For further information please contact ART-SAMAL Gallery at +7(727) 2641444

Snegina str. 97b, corner Dostyk Ave, office 6, Samal Delux, Almaty 50051, Kazakhstan



“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Aristotle

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